First Solar, Inc. Again Successfully Completes The Atlas 25+ Testing Program | North American Clean Energy

Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC, the global leader in weathering technology and services, is pleased to announce that, for a second time, First Solar, Inc. has completed the rigorous Atlas 25+ Comprehensive PV Durability Testing program and received test result certification from Atlas’ partner SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

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Photovoltaik-Produzent Hanergy präsentiert Solar-Fahrzeuge und Dünnschicht-GaAs-Solarzelle mit 31,6 % Wirkungsgrad | SolarServer

Das Dünnschicht-Photovoltaik-Unternehmen Hanergy Holding Group (Peking, China) hat am 02.07.2016 im Rahmen einer feierlichen Veranstaltung vier neue Solar-Fahrzeuge vorgestellt. Der Sportwagen „Hanergy Solar R“ feierte Premiere, als Li Hejun, Geschäftsführer der Hanergy Holding Group, damit vorfuhr.

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Solarfolien gewinnen Energie an der Fassade | EnBauSa

Eine Biogasanlage mit großen Fassadenflächen an den Fermentern dient als Teststandort für die organische Solarfolie von Heliatek. Auf einer Fläche von 95 Quadratmetern ist der HeliaFilm direkt auf dem profilierten Stahlblech der Außenfassade installiert.

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First Solar’s ‘game-changing’ Series 5 module to reduce BOS costs and installation times | PV-Tech

Leading thin-film module manufacuturer First Solar revealed its new-to-the-market and highly-anticipated Series 5 thin-film PV module at Intersolar last week. The Series 5 module is entering the market at 365W (Pmax) and consists of a 1.85 metres x 1.2 metres, three horizontal stacked module unit akin to the size and form factor of traditional c-Si 72-cell modules.

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Dünnschicht-Photovoltaik: VON ARDENNE GmbH tritt Vereinigung PVthin bei | SolarServer

Am 23.06.2016 ist die VON ARDENNE GmbH (Dresden) der Non-Profit-Organisation PVthin (International Thin-Film Solar Industry Association) beigetreten. Die Beitrittserklärung wurde im Rahmen der Intersolar Europe in München vom Präsidenten der PVthin, Andreas Wade, und dem Geschäftsführer der VON ARDENNE GmbH, Thomas Krischke, unterzeichnet.
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Perovskite Solar Cells Are Just About Ready for Prime Time | Design News

Solar cells made of perovskite — a material that has cost, efficiency, and other advantages — are poised to move from the lab to the commercial market in the next three years, according to a recent Lux Research report.Read more

First Solar to surpass US$1 billion in cumulative R&D spending in 2016 | PVTECH

Leading PV thin-film producer First Solar is set exceed US$1 billion in cumulative R&D spending in 2016, the first solar PV manufacturer to do so, according to the latest annual R&D spending analysis undertaken by PV Tech.Read more

Could this be solar’s next big breakthrough? | ReCharge

For an industry in which technological progress is often measured in tenths of a percentage point, recent progress on perovskite-based PV cells holds the promise of a giant leap forward.Read more

Von Ardenne inks 700 MW thin-film coatings deal with China National Building Materials | pv magazine

The German deposition equipment provider is latest beneficiary of China National Building Materials’ ambitious solar PV expansion, and will deliver several coating systems for installation at two 300 MW CIGS plants and one 100 MW CdTe fab, all in China.Read more

Solar cells based on cadmium telluride with an open-circuit voltage greater than 1V | SPIE

Doping cadmium telluride with phosphorus provides increases in acceptor density and minority carrier lifetime to enable the construction of solar cells with an open-circuit voltage greater than 1V.Read more