Could this be solar’s next big breakthrough? | ReCharge

For an industry in which technological progress is often measured in tenths of a percentage point, recent progress on perovskite-based PV cells holds the promise of a giant leap forward.Read more

Von Ardenne inks 700 MW thin-film coatings deal with China National Building Materials | pv magazine

The German deposition equipment provider is latest beneficiary of China National Building Materials’ ambitious solar PV expansion, and will deliver several coating systems for installation at two 300 MW CIGS plants and one 100 MW CdTe fab, all in China.Read more

Solar cells based on cadmium telluride with an open-circuit voltage greater than 1V | SPIE

Doping cadmium telluride with phosphorus provides increases in acceptor density and minority carrier lifetime to enable the construction of solar cells with an open-circuit voltage greater than 1V.Read more

Solar Frontier Starts Commercial Production At 150 MW Plant | Solar Industry

Solar Frontier, a Japan-based manufacturer of copper, indium and selenium (CIS) solar modules, has commenced commercial production at its 150 MW Tohoku Plant.Read more

Growing Era of Green Technology Driving Thin Films Markets, Reports BCC Research | pv magazine

Rising energy costs and climate change are driving the increase in the use of renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic technologies and thin film batteries.Read more

CTF Solar to supply equipment for CTIEC’S first CdTe module factory | pv magazine

The two parties signed equipment procurement contracts for the 100 MW factory, which will produce cadmium telluride thin-film modules, during the SNEC tradeshow that is currently taking place in Shanghai.Read more

Thin Film PV Pulls Ahead in Technology Race | Utility Dive

In the old days, if utility operators wanted to tap the advantages of a thin film, utility-scale photovoltaic system they needed to allow for more land as compared to using crystalline silicon-based panels. But those days are over.Read more

Avancis hits 17.9% efficiency on 30 cm x 30 cm module | pv magazine

German CIGS developer Avancis has achieved an efficiency of 17.9% with its CIGS technology. The company hit the conversion efficiency on a 30 cm x 30 cm mini module, with the company claiming the technology could be translated into a 170 Wp 1m2 standard-sized module.Read more

CIGS solar cells: New European record of 22% efficiency | Sun & Wind Energy

The Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) (link is external) created a new CIGS cell in their lab, which sets a new European efficiency record. The thin-film solar cell has an efficiency of 22%.Read more

First Solar Hits Record 22.1% Conversion Efficiency for CdTe Solar Cell | gtm:

Once again, the company crushes the previous CdTe cell efficiency record.Read more