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About Us

Our mission

To strengthen global energy security and help create sustainable energy infrastructures by promoting the social, economic and environmental benefits of thin-film solar photovoltaic technologies.

Concretely, PVthin is working to:

  • Strengthen global energy security and support the transition to a low carbon economy by promoting thin-film solar photovoltaic technologies

  • Cooperate with associations and industries that support responsible product management at end-of-life and internalised holistic environmental footprinting based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Strongly encourage resource-efficient production, sustainable raw material use, and responsible PV recycling and recovery programs and technologies

  • Educate policymakers of the potential of thin-film PV and the environmental, social, economic and technological advantages of thin-film

  • Provide a platform for research into both mature and emerging thin-film PV technologies

PVthin is an international, not-for-profit coalition representing global leaders in the Thin-Film Solar Industry and broader value chain based on chalcogenide compounds.

PVthin is registered as a non-profit international association under Belgian law.



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